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Procurement logistics:

24plus Procurement with system:

» Germany and European-wide procurement logistics
» IT-supported communication
» Supply chain management

Integrated, intelligent procurement management

Dependably and quickly. The 24plus Prologue. Send your 24plus carrier as pick-up service.

Here’s how it works:
The order control of the 24plus Prologue is web-based. If you would like to participate in the system, become a member as a 24plus-Partner. You receive a secured password to a web server under the domain www.24plus.info. With a user id and password, you can log on in either German or English and you will electronically receive your pick up order.
Orders are transmitted in HTML-format to your shipping partner, who forward the pick up with a few mouse clicks to the carrier in the vicinity of your supplier. They pick up the goods and bring it over the 24plus traffic network to your 24plus carrier. And that means for every required delivery date. Each order is electronically recorded. The status is by your request over the 24plus-Tracking and Tracing retrievable.

Fixed transport times
Die 24plus Systemverkehre gewährleisten hohe Zuverlässigkeit mit Regellaufzeiten. 24plus Prolog bietet unverzügliche Auftragsbearbeitung mit dem Ziel, die Ware am selben Tag abzuholen und nächstmöglich in die getakteten 24plus-Verkehrsnetze einzuspeisen. Die Laufzeiten sind abhängig von der Verfügbarkeit der Ware und der jeweiligen Region in Germany.

Combination with Speedtime
24plus Prologue can be coupled with the premium product 24plus Speedtime with guaranteed delivery. 24plus Speedtime is offered within Germany for the following delivery times: before 8 a.m., before 10 a.m. and before 12 noon, as well as the Speedtime NextDay options.
We can gladly inform you of the options.