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Your shipment has to be delivered punctually and safe to its destination. We take care about the complete handling and delivery of your shipment.

Groupage shipments:

24plus Standard:

Groupage services with high reliability and efficient control 
» 24-hour delivery service
» Distribution and procurement logistics
» Hub- and direct traffic
» Shipment monitoring
» Supply chain management

Dependable. High performance.
24plus Standard – the core product from the 24plus System traffic – is equivalent with higher reliability and efficient control in the classic piece goods area. 24plus works with a two-stage traffic network with more than 500 daily served direct traffic and hub traffic from and to one of the most modern central hub in Europe.

Full performance included!
» High reliability through efficient control of traffic and envelope
» Surface coverage via a German-wide cooperative network
» Delivery after pick up guaranteed at 95 percent on the first day and 100 percent on the second day
» Barcode-supported delivery monitoring via EAN / NVE identification code
» Tracking and tracing of relevant interfaces
» Permanent information of all partners through up to date status reports
» Supply chain management
» Customer information systems