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We make even the largest moves look easy. 


Company headquarters:

For the expert only a question of the organization:


Wolf International Moving Specialists make even the largest moves look easy – independent of whether the entire company moves into a new location or a clinic must be up and running in the shortest amount of time after the move. The key is the punctual arrival and the exact construction.

You can rely on Wolf’s high quality International Moving Specialists offering full service:
Our international moving specialists organize and realize moves in Germany and Europe and have experience overseas. Punctually, dependably and above all securely packed valuable furniture of private customers and office equipment will reach its destination.
An exceptional specialty of Wolf International Moving Specialists is the closure of the move circle with the Wolf workman service.
The move circle is closed when all installations are settled, office equipment or business equipment is placed, the PC can be turned on, e-mails can be received and the right contact person is again always reachable.